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Mobile Vehicle

We have custom designed a 26 ft. mobile medical clinic vehicle built by Magnum Mobile Specialty Vehicles. Our vehicle includes two medical examination rooms fully stocked with essential clinic equipment to provide quality medical care for our patients.

Additional amenities include a functional restroom, sink, medical-grade freezers and refrigerators for medicine and vaccines, & abundant cabinet space for equipment storage.

We plan to implement telemedicine technology as well. This will allow us to visit patients with our vehicle, and connect them to physicians working in any location.  


Benefits of Mobility 

Accessibility - Enables us to reach any community in need and improve patient access to care regardless of location barriers (such as poor public transportation and distance from nearby health centers)

Versatility - Increases flexibility in scheduling and when working with our partners ​

Telemedicine Reach - The addition of this technology allows our vehicular medical office to provide remote healthcare access to any region of the county.

Growth - Expands our scope of outreach and allows R.I.V.E.R. to serve more communities throughout the greater Sacramento area

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