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Meet the Team!

The Undergraduate Executive Board 2023-2024

IMG_1550 - Julia Lee.jpg

Julia Lee

Co-Clinic Manager

Class of 2024

Why RIVER Clinic: I chose to join RIVER Pediatric Clinic because I wanted to work on a team that would bring equitable health and education to children in underserved areas. Being a part of this clinic has been an incredible opportunity to help local communities and connect young children and their families to resources.

Fun Fact: I have never broken a bone!

IMG_4384 - Xin Chen.jpg

Xin Chen

Medical Training Specialist

Class of 2024

Why RIVER Clinic: I joined the RIVER Pediatric Clinic because I have a deep passion for serving underserved communities, having grown up in one myself. The services provided by the clinic will go a long way in improving the health of children and families who cannot afford or access healthcare. I am excited to contribute to the collective effort to enhance the health of underserved communities in the greater Sacramento area.

Fun Fact: I absolutely love the movie Zootopia. In fact, I watched it ten times in just one week!

IMG_4779 - Emily Guo.heic

Emily Guo

Co-workshop Director

Class of 2024

Why RIVER Clinic:  I joined RIVER Pediatric Clinic because I was fascinated by the idea of a clinic that could reach more children in the Sacramento area. I also have not had a lot of experience working with children, so I am glad to have this opportunity! Combined with my love for teaching, this is a great way to educate the community with our preventative health mission.

Fun Fact: I am missing 2 adult teeth!

IMG-7632 - Gayathri Pundi.jpg

Gayathri Pundi

Co-Clinic Manager

Class of 2025

Why RIVER Clinic: I love working with children and wanted to be a part of an organization that prioritized accessible, preventative healthcare for pediatric populations.

Fun Fact: I traveled to most of Europe during high school!

1071211A-98F6-4684-A3FE-F26BEF5FBAE7 - Sahaana Padayathil.jpeg

Sahaana Padayathil

Co-Outreach Director

Class of 2025

Why RIVER Clinic: I chose RIVER pediatric clinic because I hope to specialize in pediatrics in the near future! From clinical experiences, to being able to help children though health care screenings and educating them about preventative health care are the reasons I love being a part of this clinic.

Fun Fact: I love singing and playing the piano!

4E11C3FA-1487-459C-830D-758009521BC4 - Sasha Afroz.jpeg

Sasha Afroz

Co-workshop Director

Class of 2024

Why RIVER Clinic: I chose RPC because I recognize the importance of mental health on physical health outcomes. In the future, I would like to work with pediatric populations in a trauma-informed manner. Through recognizing the impact of adverse childhood experiences and organizing health education projects both inside and outside of the medical context, I appreciate the opportunity for community outreach and interdisciplinary collaboration essential for holistic, long-term medical care.

Fun Fact: I love to swim and my favorite stroke is breaststroke.

57C673BA-12BA-4C9C-BB98-E66485E1E15E - Ethan Ng.jpeg

Ethan Ng

Assistant Clinic Manager

Class of 2025

Why RIVER Clinic: I chose RIVER Pediatric Clinic because I have family that have experienced ACEs. Through this clinic, I hope to be the first step for children that have experienced ACEs to live a healthy and normal life that everyone deserves.

Fun Fact: I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling.


Rutab Anjum

Co-Outreach Director

Class of 2024

Why RIVER Clinic: I chose RIVER Pediatric Clinic because of its strong commitment to serving underserved communities. I hope to contribute to the efforts to overcome healthcare disparities and make a positive impact on the health and well-being of underserved children and their families.

Fun Fact: I cannot start my day without a cup of coffee!

FullSizeRender - Michelle Azuma.jpeg

Michelle Azuma

Co-Finance Director

Class of 2025

Why RIVER Clinic: I chose RIVER Pediatric Clinic because I enjoyed tutoring kids when I was in high school. RIVER Pediatric Clinic lets me continue to teach kids about health while also making an impact in the community through clinics.

Fun Fact: I enjoy playing Nintendo games! Recently, I’ve been playing Pikmin4 and Tetris 99.

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